Getting Back In the Swing

It's been a crazy 2 years with the pandemic and all. I'm so happy that conventions are back in full swing. It's very fulfilling to make people happy with my passion not just online, but also in person.

I got married back in March of this year and my husband and I purchased a home. It's been a bit difficult to update the store as I have been traveling 2 1/2 each way (5 hours total) 5 days a week to work. However, I'm getting myself into a rhythm to where I can juggle my job and my business until I can depend on Panda Fuzz alone. A couple new items have been added to the store and a few more are to come.

For those of you planning on attending Anthrocon 2022, you can find me in the dealers room at booth D14. As for Tekko, I am not sure if I will be in the artist alley yet as I missed the application period. Since Miyavi is performing there I want to do everything in my power to go (especially since this is a local con)

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